IMPAACT, give precision to your weed control

IMPAACT = automatic detection and discrimination of weeds!

IMPAACT is a unique solution for mapping and modulating herbicide spraying. It is based on a technology of robust hyperspectral sensors and software processing by Artificial Intelligence relying on Deep Learning. Installed on the sprayers boom or other agricultural machines, the IMPAACT solution makes it possible to identify and discriminate harmful plant species (weeds) in order to map them and control a localized spray in real time.

The solution is composed of AQiT-Sensor sensors and analysis software based on AQiT-Map artificial intelligence

The IMPAACT precision farming solution is based on a set of products resulting from the work carried out jointly by a team of computer engineers and agronomists who are experts in agronomic imaging.

Installation and operating diagram of the IMPAACT solution on the sprayer

The challenge is to respond to strong agro-ecological issues while supporting farmers, with an affordable economic model of service, in the transition to sustainable agriculture, through:
- A significant reduction in the herbicides used (from 50 to 80%)
- A better objective knowledge of the fouling rate of the plots, allowing adequate agronomic decisions to be taken.
- Combating herbicide resistance.

Your weed detection needs

- Field crops: corn, wheat, rapeseed
- Detection: grasses, dicotyledons and perennials
- Location & mapping

IMPAACT = automatic detection and discrimination of weeds! IMPAACT = automatic detection and discrimination of weeds!

Your tools

- sprayer: section cut-off, nozzle to nozzle, direct injection
- tractor
- hoeing tool

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IMPAACT = détection et discrimination automatique des adventices !