Agronomic imaging

We deliver innovative solutions to automate plant health monitoring, to result in more accurate and earlier detection, giving better predictability on crop management.

AI and digital sovereignty with Cédric Villani and the French ecosystem, Friday April 12 in Paris Carbon Bee participates in the round table  -   PRESS RELEASE: KUHN launches I-SPRAY in partnership with CARBON BEE artificial-intelligence-at-the-service-of-pulverization-to-reduce-consumption-of-phytosanitary-products  -   Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture, @ChaireAgroTIC offers a complete document to understand how Deep Learning can provide concrete solutions to agricultural problems

Technologies developed by Carbon Bee

AQiT-Sensor is an Hyperspectral imagery solution dedicated to plant monitoring.
It an autonomous embeddable sensor, ready to be embedded onto drones, tractors and robots : internal GPS, IMU, Battery, Wifi Access Point ...

It's also provided with a high-performance docking station, that will give you results in minutes with orthophotos creation and AQiT-map' Deep Learning processing : with immediate visualisation of results

AQiT-map is a Deep Learning based solution fitted for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging.

It relies on exceptional learning capabilities to detect weed or early disease symptoms.

The software, embedded onto the AQiT-Sensor Docking station gives you interactives maps, localizing where your crops are damaged and where weeds develop.

Exported Data : georeferenced shape file with RGB layer