Agronomic imaging

We deliver innovative solutions to automate plant health monitoring, to result in more accurate and earlier detection, giving better predictability on crop management.

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An agronomy-oriented technology

Carbon Bee develops innovative agronomic imaging solutions for plant health monitoring: early disease detection, weed detection, and quality control

These solutions rely on unique imagery technology, combining ultra-compact hyperspectral imagery sensor (AQiT-sensor) and AI analytics (AQiT-map). Our activities relies on agronomic expertise with an hybrid (Ag/Tech) team able to best fit the solution into end users’ agronomic practices.

A technology for many use cases :

Carbon Bee Technology

AQiT-Sensor is an Hyperspectral imagery solution dedicated to plant monitoring.
It an autonomous embeddable sensor, ready to be embedded onto drones, tractors and robots : internal GPS, IMU, Battery, Wifi Access Point ...

It's also provided with a high-performance docking station, that will give you results in minutes with orthophotos creation and AQiT-map' Deep Learning processing : with immediate visualisation of results

Exported Data before AQiT-map processing : Raw hyperspectral files (ENVI, BIL), or custom selected bands (JPEG/ EXIF, TIFF)


AQiT-map is a Deep Learning based solution fitted for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging.

It relies on exceptional learning capabilities to detect weed or early disease symptoms.

The software, embedded onto the AQiT-Sensor Docking station gives you interactives maps, localizing where your crops are damaged and where weeds develop.

Exported Data : georeferenced shape file with RGB layer


Our Vision

Carbon Bee builds its own technology and products from deep on-the-ground experience, with the following principles:

  • We must change habits to thrive global food production,
  • In a sustainable way
  • Restoring confidence between consumer and producers


Contact & localization

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